1.   How to use iCamSecure on your iPhone ?
        LevelOne now offers free Application on Apple’s App store for you to view the video on IP Cam Secure while on the road.

  2.   IP Cam Secure Pre-Installation Notes
        IP Cam Secure Pre-Installation Notes contains information to improve the surveillance system operation.

  3.   LevelOne IP Cam Secure Bandwdith and Hard Drive Space Calculator
        This is an Excel spread sheet to calculate the bandwidth and hard drive space requirement for the IP Cam Secure surveillance software.

  4.   How to delete the Active X installed?
        Web client sometimes encounter problems during live view or playback. It is often caused by the Active X components in Internet Explorer. You can remove the components and reinstall ActiveX to solve the problem.

  5.   How come I can not view the Video Streaming of my IP Camera?
        1. Please make sure your firewall does not block the port you forwarded, eg. Port 80, 554. Or disable your firewall. 2. The firewall can be your Windows build in firewall, Anti Virus Firewall eg. Symantec Internet Security, PCCillin Internet Security etc… 3. Please make sure you had installed the Active X that is required to view the Video streaming. 4. Please make sure your Internet Explorer browser or Plug in tool eg. Google Search Tool does not block the Pop up Windows.