6 Great Reasons to Use Power Over Ethernet for Surveillance

    What exactly does Power over Ethernet mean?
    Power over Ethernet (PoE) means both data and power are sent over Ethernet cables. No adapter, plug, or batteries are needed; the device is powered by the electricity that runs through the Ethernet cable.
    What are the benefits of using PoE in a surveillance system?
  1. Flexible camera placement - Get creative with your camera location as you're no longer restricted by cumbersome power cords.
  2. Easy, cost-effective installation - No need to hire an expensive electrician to come and install new electrical wiring.
  3. Use PoE with regular cameras - By adding a power splitter, your existing network camera now has PoE functionality for flexible placement.
  4. Use PoE with CCTV cameras - Use a PoE video server to convert your analogue signal to digital.
  5. Locate cameras up to 100 meters away, no power cord needed.
  6. Send power to many PoE IP cameras on the network.
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